Begin It with Baby Steps

I recently shared this phrase on my new facebook page:

It got me thinking about baby steps…

When I work with a client we start by clarifying their goal then I help them to achieve their goal.

In a lot of cases reaching a goal requires baby steps – little steady regular steps in the right direction.

I know steady and regular doesn’t sound exciting but the success you want will then be attainable and sustainable.

Why not try it?

  • Think of a goal you’d like to achieve in the next month or so – something that’s a challenge but achievable.
  • Break the goal down into chunks, or steps, that you need to do to get there.
  • Where necessary break some of these down into smaller steps, or baby steps.
  • Now schedule the time to do them one at a time.
  • You might fall down but think about why, make adjustments, get back up and keep going.
  • Each time you complete a baby step or a larger chunk celebrate!

And there you go your boldness has genius, power & magic!!!