What’s Holding You Back?

Recently we’ve been looking at replacing our medium sized family car with a larger one.

I’ve always enjoyed driving and believed I needed a manual car to achieve that so I walked in to all the showrooms saying I only wanted a manual. But one car we were interested in only came as an automatic. I was convinced to test drive it and was surprised to find I loved it!

When I’m coaching, a lot of my clients are held back or stopped from achieving their own success by beliefs they hold about themselves or the world/people around them. They often don’t know if these beliefs are true and my job is to help them find out if they’re valid and to help them overcome them.

So what’s holding you back?

Some common limiting beliefs include:
I don’t have enough time/patience/imagination
I’m not organised/creative/energetic/focused enough
I can’t have my cake & eat it
I never have good luck
I’m too young/old/fat/thin/tall/short
My family has never been rich
I’m not good with money

I’m interested in finding out if that belief is really true. Life can be hard and everyone has strengths and weaknesses – some beliefs can be valid and might be worth keeping but limiting unreal beliefs that stop us from achieving our success need to be identified and changed.

My job is to help you figure out which beliefs to keep and which to change so that you can achieve your success.

I will challenge you on possibly long held beliefs if they’re stopping you from taking the path you want. I will help you find evidence that your limiting beliefs are not true and help you break ingrained habits.

We will use positive thinking, role modelling, reframing, evidence gathering and more to remove the limiting beliefs and replace them with enabling beliefs.

So what’s holding you back? Email me Jenny@perpetiel.co.uk or call 07971 919498 to arrange your free introductory session and take the first step to achieving your success…