Season’s Greetings

Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year!

I was talking to a friend about what I should focus my next blog on and he said that it had to be New Year’s resolutions.

When I asked why he said because they were seasonal plus most people set them but never keep them and that surely a coach would know how to ensure they were successful!!!

So this blog offers advice on how to ensure your new year’s resolutions are a success.

The first thing you need to do is make your resolution SMART:

SMART goals - coaching

Specific – There is no point in saying “I’m going to be happier this year”, you need to focus on one area of your life. For example perhaps you’re going to have more ‘me’ time. It’s also worth trying to base your goals on personal performance rather than outcomes which you have less control over.
Measurable – You need to be able to measure what you are achieving so you know when you achieve your goal, for example if you want to lose weight say how much & perhaps break it down to how much per month.
Agreed upon – write it down and keep it somewhere you see regularly. Also tell your family and friends so that they can support you too.
Realistic – if a goal is unrealistic then it is obviously more likely to not be achieved. However I am a great believer in achieving dreams so perhaps take that huge goal and break it down into realistic steps (see my baby steps blog).
Time-based – say by when you will have achieved your goal, don’t say “one day I will…” If you’ve broken your goal down into smaller steps then celebrate each time you’re successful, this will build confidence.

One of my own recent goals was setting up this new website ‘I will have a modern, informative website with a blog and face book page by the end of September 2017’. I broke the goal down into smaller chunks like finding a website designer for within my budget and writing pages by the date required by Anna.

One you’ve set your SMART goal(s) the next step is to actually go and do what you said you’d do. You know it’s achievable, you know what you need to do and you know when you need to do it by – so GO ON!!!

I hope you enjoy celebrating your successes and achieving your goals. If you need any help why not email me – I’d really love to hear from you!