What’s Your Ideal Life?

Hi all and welcome to the second part of my 2 part blog introducing you to the wheel of life.

Last month I showed you how to use it to find out how balanced your life is and this month I’m going to show you how to use it to achieve your ideal life.

SO what is your ideal life?

Ideal life four box model - coaching

It might be something that fits nicely into this lovely diagram, where you have success and you’re fulfilled – but what are you aiming for specifically?  I mean what makes you a success and what makes you feel fulfilled?  It’s a nice starting point but it’s not detailed enough.

That’s where the wheel of life comes in.

To look at how balanced your life is we scored each part of your life out of 10 for how satisfied you were.

This time I want you to think about what 10 out of 10 would be for each section.

As before you can rename sections, add in sections or split sections to make it work for you.

Really let yourself be free and think about your dreams and ambitions, think about things you’ve done and loved, people who make you complete… what is 10 out of 10?

Wheel of life - 8 sections - life coaching

When I go through this with clients I encourage them to write their thoughts out in a mind map or draw a picture to represent that ideal part of their life.  I prompt and help by asking questions such as, in your ideal life:

o   Where are you living?

o   What job/career are you doing?

o   What are you doing to stay in shape?

o   How many friends do you have, do they drop by or book in weeks in advance?

o   What sort of partner do you have & what sort of partner are you?

o   What do you believe in & how are you contributing?

o   What makes you smile?

Once you have your ideal life drawn or written out you can look at which parts of your life you need to work on, it might be something simple like getting outside more or perhaps it’s a larger thing like moving home or job.

One of my favourite things about doing this activity with clients is how excited they get when they realise that sometimes the mutually exclusive choice they thought they had to make doesn’t exist, but that actually their ideal life is a combination of their choices, for example by working flexibly from home 1 day a week they can spend more time with their family – something I refer to as having your cake & eating it.  And what not!?!  You only live once, you’ve got to love it!

If you want to make a change then your next step is to set a goal around that area of your life (see my SMART goals blog).  Of course doing this alone can be difficult so if you need a hand don’t hesitate to get in touch (Jenny@perpetiel.co.uk / 07971 919498) – I’d love to help you live your ideal life!