Stop Procrastinating!

Today is Fight Procrastination day and so my first blog in a while is here to help you get things done.  It’s a collection of tips I’ve picked up while coaching clients in time management – things that really work.

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Firstly, I would ask if it needs to be done and secondly, if it needs to be done by you – if the answer is yes it must be done and yes I can’t delegate it then try out some, or all, of these top tips and give me a call (07971 919498  if you need any help, you could always book a free consultation:

Prioritise – Don’t try to get everything done in one day, it’ll only make you feel like a failure no matter what you achieve.  Depending upon the tasks think about just getting a few things done.  Consider what is the most important and urgent thing, or think about which task is bothering you the most and it’d be wonderful to have out of the way or do what will make you feel successful.

Don’t allow yourself to be distracted – remove anything that you know will draw your attention from what you have to do.

  • If the stack of paper in your in tray is catching your eye, then take it off the desk. Don’t go through it, just move it away.
  • If the email and facebook notifications are constantly beeping or popping up then turn them off and schedule time to check them. Why not check them first thing, before & after lunch, then before the end of the day?  Set a time that you’ll spend on them too so they don’t take over.
  • If you are being interrupted then move yourself and work somewhere else. Work from home, rent a desk space or meeting room, go to a coffee shop

Take a short break – it’s easy to get stuck in a loop of avoiding something that needs to be done so take a break, do something completely different then return ready to tackle the task.  The key thing here is to not take a long break, don’t use it to procrastinate!  And of course the break from one task could be to focus on a different task that needs to be done.

Carrot & stick – What motivators are related to the task you’re avoiding – when you avoid this task what pain are you avoiding or what happiness are you receiving by not doing it?  Perhaps you’re scared to complete the presentation and have to share your thoughts with your colleagues or you feel happy in your comfort zone doing easier things.  Can you change or overcome this?

On the flip side of this you could work out what pain you may experience if you don’t do it and perhaps set yourself a reward for doing it.

Break it down – some tasks seem so large that it’s hard to know where to start!  It might seem better to avoid but it’s not likely to go away so try to look at the task as a sum of it’s parts instead.  How can it be broken down into smaller, more manageable tasks or steps.  My baby steps blog might help here.


If you would like to talk about applying these to your life then give me a call on 07971 919498 or email me at