Tackling To-Do Lists

For me today is the first day back at school after the kids have been off for a week.  I had a lovely week; seeing friends and family, not having to set the alarm and having plenty of cuddles and game time.

But today I am back to work in peace and have the largest to do list I’ve had in a long time.  It’s a mixture of business, personal, family and Girlguide related activities – so which do I do first and then what do I do next???

Time and task management come up at some point in most of the coaching sessions I have with clients, sometimes because it is something the client wants to work on and sometimes because the change they are making in their life requires them to look at how they organize and run their personal and/or work lives.  Coaching is bespoke to each client and so the solutions clients find with help from me are tailored to them.

How do you approach your to do list?

To Do List

Do you need help tackling your to-do list?

Today I am starting with the activity that is causing me most pain, I want to remove that pain so I am then free to concentrate on other things.  I know that if I start with something nice the painful activity would be hanging over me and I also know that the relief I will feel of having removed the pain will set me up to be motivated for the rest of the day.

Later in the week I will stay focused by applying a version of the important-urgent model that works for me -it has to be flexible to allow for life though.

Some clients categorise their activities and do them at set times of the day or week, e.g. a finance hour or marketing afternoon.  Some people run through their list the day before and plan ahead, others wait and see what’s making the biggest noise when they walk into the office.  Some experts recommend not looking at emails first thing as they can derail you but that might not work for you. I like crossing items off a physical list while others use apps to keep track of what is left to be done or they have an assistant to guide them.

If you need some help with tackling your to-do-list why not call me on 07971 919498.