What Will Keep You Motivated?

So, this is the end of the first full week of January 2019.  How have you been?

I have been wondering whether you set new year’s resolutions and how you’re doing with them because I read earlier in the week that 80% of new year resolutions fail by February! 

This time last year I tried to help you set new year’s resolutions that you were more likely to achieve because they were SMART – check that blog out here.

This year I have been thinking about how we can all be more successful in achieving our goals, after all Perpetiel is the angel of success. 

While thinking about goals I have successfully achieved and those I have helped others achieve I realised that it’s not just about setting a SMART goal but it’s also about wanting to achieve that goal – really really wanting to achieve something you’ve not done before.

Chances are your new year’s resolution isn’t that easy, otherwise you would have already done it so what’s your personal motivation this year?

Lots of you might be setting goals to double business turnover or lose weight or reduce the plastic you use.  You might have set a similar SMART goal to someone else you know but what’s the difference between you and them achieving it?  What will get you through the tough days?  What will it mean to you when you achieve it?

Try it this way with your goal (which should already be SMART of course) inserted:

I will – insert your SMART goal here – tell me, really honestly why? 

I will – insert your SMART goal here – tell me, what does that mean to you?

I will – insert your SMARTgoal here – tell me, why now, what’s different now?

If I was coaching you I’d then take those answers and tweek my next few questions to get right down to the raw reason, to find your true motivation so that on rough days you’d be able to keep going and stay focused. 

Why not call me to book a free consultation to help you find your personal motivation – my number is 07971 919498.

Speak to you soon!  Jenny