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Zoe Wildsmith, Mum & sole trader

Speaking to Jenny was amazingly helpful – she changed how I looked at a major career and life decision and took the worry out of it. She asked intelligent and spot-on questions that left me feeling I had a complete understanding of my tricky decision and mental justification for my choices, even though both options had similar weights. And weights they were – keeping me awake at night in confusion. But after talking the options through with Jenny the weight was lifted and I was able to sleep easily, stop going round in circles and see a clear, focused goal and how to get there.

Laura Moxham, Mum & local Small Business Owner

Jenny is an amazing coach and mentor… fact!  She has enabled me to unlock areas within my life and see things from a new perspective which has enabled me to grow and develop. I would describe it similar to that of a personal fitness coach – someone working closely with you to professionally use techniques and methods for you to reach your potential. It is an essential part of your armour if you’re serious about improving any aspect of your life however big or small. Jenny is extremely professional, loyal and most importantly wants you be successful in your goals. It is without doubt I would recommend her.

Maija Palmer

Jenny has given me a really useful toolkit of techniques that I can use when work and home life start to overwhelm me. She has helped me get some control over my time again, and now I feel like I am coping better, I can start to think about making some bigger life changes. Two months ago, even the thought of that would have exhausted me.